Magnesium hydroxide

Our delivery program includes synthetic and natural magnesium compounds. You will find our standard grades below; further specialties are available.

LUVOMAG® Magnesium hydroxide

Typical chemical values

GradeMg(OH)2 (%)CaO (%)Fe (%)Bulk density (g/l)
LUVOMAG® H 00298,00,50,04420
LUVOMAG® H 00699,50,090,001300
LUVOMAG® H 01099,80,070,002310
LUVOMAG® H 01297,80,40,01600

Brucite / Magnesium hydroxide - H

Typical chemical values

GradeMgO (%)SiO2 (%)CaO (%)Al2O3 (%)Fe2O3 (%)Loss on ignition (%)Particle size
Brucite 3 - 6 mm65,05,503,000,250,3529,003 - 6 mm
LUVOMAG® H 25565,05,003,000,070,2529,0099,50% < 45 µm/ 325 mesh

Food, food supplement and pharma grades

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