Other Magnesium compounds

Our delivery program includes synthetic and natural magnesium compounds. You will find our standard grades below; further specialties are available.

Magnesium chloride

Typical chemical values

ProductMgCl2 (%)MgSO4 (%)CaSO4 (%)KCl (%)NaCl (%)Fe (ppm)Particle shape
ProductMgCl2 (%)MgSO4 (%)CaSO4 (%)KCl (%)NaCl (%)FE (ppm)Particle shape
Magnesium chloride47,000,800,200,800,9010,00Flakes

LUVOMAG® - more magnesium salts

Typical chemical values

GradeMolecular formulaContent (%)Fe (%)H2O (%)Bulk density (g/l)
LUVOMAG® NO3-99Mg(NO3)2Mg(NO3)2: 57,00,00142,0750
LUVOMAG® S 900MgSO4 x 7H2OMgSO4: 48,00,007900
LUVOMAG® S 770MgSO4 x 7H2OMgSO4: 47,00,001950
LUVOMAG® S 700MgSO4MgSO4: 98,00,0015----
LUVOMAG® MA4 031Mg(CH3COO)2Mg(CH3COO)2: 99,00,01600

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